How Interior Decorators Are Styling 2021's Biggest Paint Color Trends

By Michelle Guerrere

If the new year is leaving you with an urge to hit the reset button, then might I recommend a home refresh? Whether you’re in need of a revamped home office space or if you’re looking for a simple way to update your living room, there are countless ways to infuse modern style trends into your home — none of which are easier than the trick in-the-know interior designers have been using for decades: A fresh coat of paint.

“Paint has the power to set the tone for a space,” Caroline Grant, co-founder of New York City-based Dekar Design, tells The Zoe Report. “It can make a small room feel larger — or a large room more cozy — and can even create a moment of respite from an otherwise busy setting.” In addition to making a space feel calm and inviting, the process of adding a pop of brightness to your front door or even turning all four walls awash with color can feel downright cathartic.

Below, a few top decorators combine 2021’s most popular paint colors with impactful design ideas that will infuse these on-trend hues into your home. Find a project you’re interested in taking on? Use the free ProjectColor™ app by The Home Depot to get a virtual preview of how paint swatches will look in your space before you click “add to cart.” Now, let’s talk about how to update your space.

Go From The Outside In

Designers are all about using paint flourishes to up your home’s curb appeal. “Blue is always popular, but ‘Jamaican Dream’ is interesting and a little moody at the same time,” explains designer and Boston-based color aficionado, Liz Caan of Liz Caan & Co. “I would use this turquoise as an accent on a front door.” Given that green and blue are effortlessly chic together, you can flank the door with faux potted greenery and hang a eucalyptus wreath. And since you need a neutral hue for balance, finish with sleek black hardware.

Create A Lush Lounge

Let your sitting room take a walk on the wild side with a few swipes of deep green paint. “A forest shade like ‘Brooklyn’ is perfect for when you want to create a bit of drama,” Grant tells us. “Add luxe furnishings like a tufted leather sofa.” And for a larger-than-life take on the look? “The combination of walls and trim in one hue creates a statement moment,” the designer explains.

Rethink Your Living Room

When it comes to one of the busiest spots in your home, design aficionados are on board with candy-colored walls since they brighten up the entire space. “‘Orange Maple’ is the new coral… it’s more orange than pink and has this natural quality to it,” explains Caan. When it comes to incorporating extras, opposites attract. “Place some deep blue or green industrial pieces throughout to cut through the sweetness,” the expert advises. Pieces with rustic flair like a vintage-inspired coffee table also help bring this striking hue in a liveable direction.

Give Your Work Space Corner-Office Vibes

Because you need a space that supports your ambition. “Pastel colors are all the rage right now, and ‘Dayflower’ is restful while still being invigorating,” says Christine Markatos Lowe, founder of Santa Monica design firm Christine Markatos Design. And just because you’re starting with a soft palette of pale blue doesn’t mean you can’t add a little oomph to your home office. “On the runway, we are seeing lots of powdery blues with mustard tones and accents of black to make it pop,” the expert explains. Pro tip: For a softer effect, cut the paint with 50% white and pair with a lighter ceiling and trim.

Dream Up A Tranquil Bedroom

Winding down before bed is a breeze in a room decked out in soft walls. “Taupe is the new grey, which was the new black for a long time,” shares Donna Mondi, founder and president of Chicago-based Donna Mondi Interior Design. Add a slightly retro feel with warm orange tones paired with charcoal or black accents. “Treat ‘Mesa Taupe’ like a neutral … the sky’s the limit!” Mondi says.

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