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How Fashion Girls Are Wearing Fall’s Timeless Trends

By Elly Ayres

Fall’s arrival brings with it a return to the classics: polished blazers, tailored coats, and rich textures and hues that we can’t wait to slip back into. Nobody does timeless style quite like Ralph Lauren, which is why we’re turning to the legendary designer to ground our fall wardrobes.

In partnership with the iconic brand on its 50th anniversary, we tapped four style experts to show us how they’re interpreting Ralph Lauren’s most classic pieces for today’s sartorial scene.

Cheralee Lyle

Her Outfit In 3 Words:

Bold, Classic, and Eclectic

Lyle’s trademark style is all about updating looks that stand the test of time. “I always love classics to be the foundation of my style,” she says, “with modern twists and modern accessories to make my outfits feel fresh.”

Courtney Halverson

Her Outfit In 3 Words:

Vintage, Classic, Cozy

Halverson made her skirt feel fresh and modern with just a little styling: A bold lip, subtly mussed hair, and a simple strappy heel do the trick. “I love classic American tailoring, and to me, that is the biggest thing that stands out when it comes to Ralph Lauren,” Halverson says. “When something is made right and fits beautifully, it just speaks for itself.”

Thania Peck

Her Outfit In 3 Words:

Tailored, Romantic, and Classic

Peck grew up wearing Ralph Lauren, and the Americana brand has made its way into her interior home decor, the fragrance she wears, and is practically “coded in my style DNA,” she says. This look’s style inspo was vintage ‘80s, and Peck worked in textured layers and a touch of feminine Western flair to drive it home. “Fashion is reinventing the old with a new twist,” she says, “and style is how you personalize it.”

Pam Hetlinger

Her Outfit In 3 Words:

Chic, Elevated, Classic

Hetlinger’s appreciation for Ralph Lauren’s unparalleled design makes her reach for consistent staples — like a plaid blazer — to ground her look. “I make them feel fresh and new by styling ‘the classics’ with some trendier pieces like high-waisted pants and matching suits.” A pop of color on her lips is the finishing touch.

Photos: Carter Fish for Cheralee; Eric Neujahr for Courtney; Nick Urteaga for Thania; & Eric Neujahr for Pam.

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