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How Aemilia Madden Is Changing The Fashion Industry From The Inside Out

By Oona Kyung

This year has proven a need for significant, long-standing changes in virtually every aspect of our lives. On a more personal level, this has facilitated some much needed self-reflection for many of us. For the fashion world, it’s been a major wake-up call. It’s never been more important to take action and focus on community. With that said, this year has also proven that positive change begins with unstoppable individuals and the choices they make on a daily basis.

For The Zoe Report’s Senior Fashion Editor Aemilia Madden, making a difference in the fashion industry has inspired her to make actionable changes in her own life. “It can be intimidating to focus on a larger issue,” she says, “and I often find it can be disheartening to be faced with some huge problem and feel like there's no actionable solution.” But in partnership with SOREL, Madden is sharing her personal philosophy for making a difference in fashion, as well as a few of her favorite fall looks.

Style can be so much more than an outlet for creative expression. It’s an opportunity to choose something that supports your values and, in a literal sense — your body, too. Through thoughtful design and materials, the Kinetic Lite Lace Sneaker is ideal for staying engaged with the world around you.


Remaining engaged with her surroundings is everything to Madden, particularly the world of up-and-coming designers and artists. “I think it's important to champion emerging designers and to lift a diverse range of voices,” she says. “There are so many designers and influencers who inspire me — who teach me about areas of the industry I never knew about.” Maintaining that sense of curiosity and style exploration is key. In the fall, Madden finds those themes translated into her everyday look, too, which allows her to explore the world around her.

Pairing a breezy prairie dress with a bucket hat, the look prioritizes ease and movement. “I'm always someone who prefers being comfortable over getting into something too stiff,” she adds. SOREL’s Kinetic Lace Sneaker, which incorporates support, cushion, and a scalloped sole for an effortless edge, finishes the look. “I love having shoes that I can easily move in,” says Madden. “Living in NYC, I'm always popping out into my neighborhood for dinner or coffee, so I like having a shoe that is versatile and easy.”


When playing with balance and structure in her looks, Madden’s a veritable style expert — though recognizing how others can also bring their skills and knowledge to the table is one of Madden’s core editorial values. “It's important to work with writers who have different backgrounds and perspectives,” she says. “I could never claim to be anywhere near expert-level on most topics, so I turn to others who can open up areas to me that I never knew existed.”

Riffing off of the bright coral, lime green, and teal accents of the sneaker, this romantic top is a patch-knit dream. “My short-sleeve knit from YanYan is one of my favorite pieces in my closet,” says Madden. “It's so unique and reminds me of something I wore as a kid – and yet, it still works now!” She pairs the top with cropped white pants and her Kinetic Lite Lace Sneaker for a balanced look.

Video: Marshall Stief