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How A West Coast Photographer Transformed A Corner Of Her Home Into A Cozy Reading Nook

By Kate Marin

For Alivia Fields, an Oregon-based photographer and style expert, creating an inviting living space has always been a priority. She embraces a natural color palette and farmhouse themes with ease, mixing vintage-inspired basics with modern accents for a timeless look that’s irresistibly cozy. “Having a peaceful space is so important,” Fields says, “which is why I stick to light earth tones that allude to rest.”

Teaming up with Walmart, Fields is showing us how she transformed a corner of her home into a cozy reading nook using key pieces from their latest fall-inspired home offering. From a rustic plaid throw blanket to seasonal candles, these simple but effective upgrades add warmth to any space, no matter how big or small. Fields explains, “If you want to create a cozy little space of your own this fall, start by eliminating items that don't serve you, then add in an item or two that do. Less is more when you have the right pieces, and I think Walmart has some really great choices, regardless of your personal style. Incorporate pieces that are subtle, texturized, and make you feel at home.”

Shop her picks, ahead.


1. "This blanket has an incredibly thick texture that feels so timeless, and I can tell by the quality that it's going to last a long time." - A.F.

2. "I really like the nostalgic farmhouse feel this pillow embodies. It reminds me of how my mom used to decorate our house growing up, and it's really comforting." - A.F.

3. "These little decor pumpkins are perfect if you want your fall decorations to last more than a few weeks! The colors are spot on, too." - A.F.


1. "I love this piece for adding a modern element into any space to elevate the atmosphere." - A.F.

2. "I love that these shelves are crafted with real, sturdy wood. They are the perfect color to add a little cozy, rustic element to any space. I recommend these for a small nook or powder room!" - A.F.

3. "A simple, modern touch! I like displaying large vases with just a simple floral design to really help the vase stand out." - A.F.


1. "The sweet pumpkin aroma from this candle can be enjoyed even when it's not actively burning— it's just that good & the scent lasts a long while. Truly the best autumnal scent." - A.F.

2. "Lots of cozy blankets! That's what these baskets are made for. They look great next to each other for a layered look." - A.F.

Alivia's orb, vases, and pumpkins are no longer in stock, but you can shop similar versions above.