Hot On The Trail With Ally Walsh

By Elly Ayres

Sustainable style is about so much more than a clothing tag. For Ally Walsh, co-founder of organic coffee roasting company Canyon Coffee, living a truly eco-conscious life means leaving the world better than you found it. In partnership with AG Jeans (the denim brand taking steps to conserve water, reduce waste, and use less energy), we caught up with Walsh just outside Joshua Tree National Park, where she told us how her style runs deeper than surface level.

“Sustainability is obviously environmental,” says Walsh, “but it’s about people for us, as well, and we’re committed to supporting farmers’ livelihood.” Walsh and her partner Casey Wojtalewicz work with farmers in Guatemala to build relationships that support farmers’ families year-round. “We’re all a community,” she says, pointing out that living sustainably is about what everyone can do for others, too. “Where you put your dollar these days has a lot to do with what you support.”

Walsh's passion for sustainable style filters through everything she does,

from shopping her local farmers market for in-season favorites (think: rainbow chard, squash, and fresh fruits) to pulling inspo from the natural world around her when getting dressed.“I have more southwest vibes — western style, which is kind of nice,” Walsh says. Her signature look is right at home in the desert, where a wardrobe of muted tones and effortless silhouettes shines beneath a cloudless blue sky and rocky landscape. “It’s nice in the spring to be able to wear white pants,” adds Walsh, “so I love white denim. It just goes with everything, and I feel like myself when I wear denim.”

Walsh opts for a palette that pulls from the environment around her,

whether she’s running errands or stepping out for dinner. “I wear earth tones, “ Walsh says, “very natural colors — and really want to always be comfortable and relaxed. Effortless.”

In a textured polo and high-rise cropped jeans in a dusty rose hue, the busy entrepreneur can seamlessly transition from day to night. “It’s an all-day look in California,” Walsh says.

“It’s so funny because I feel like denim is a part of me,” she says.

“I don’t go a day without wearing a piece of denim on me, whether it’s a denim jacket or jeans. You always feel good in denim — it always looks good.”

Photos: Adam Rindy; Hair: Ryan Richman; Makeup: Valery Gherman; Art Direction and Design: Diana Weisman/ The Zoe Report; Styling: Jenna Wexler/ The Zoe Report; Styling Assistant: Elly Ayres/ The Zoe Report; Production: Lucy Haller/ The Zoe Report.