The Unexpected Kardashian Closet You Didn’t Know You Should Be Coveting

Babies are cute, but it’s a rare occasion on which we feel jealous of anyone under the age of five. Sure, they get to sleep and eat all day, which would be nice, but they also don’t get to drink wine or eat chocolate, so the score ultimately sort of settles out. Today, however, we’re making an exception to the rule by feeling insanely envious of six-month-old Saint West, into whose closet we’ve been allowed a sneak peek via mom Kim Kardashian’s website. “Saint has so many amazing designer pieces already!!!” she wrote. “Many of them are inspired by his dad, so I think it’s appropriate to share them with you guys during The Week in Kanye!” Click through to see some of Saint’s most covetable designer pieces to inspire your future #babywardrobegoals, which we’re officially declaring “a thing.”


Take A Tour Of Baby Saint West's Enviable Closet


Custom Unravel Bomber to Match Mommy's


Custom Ralph Lauren Jacket


Custom Yeezy 350s

XIV Karats Gold Chain To Match Daddy's