Go Inside Rachel Zoe And The Zoe Report’s NewFronts Presentation

Rachel Zoe and her team hosted their first NewFronts in New York recently, where they announced the unveiling of TZR Studios, as well as their programming slate. TZR Studios provides full-service editorial and branded content creation to serve the growing audience of Zoe Media Group, while the video franchises offer viewers everything from a peek into Rachel’s real life to life hacks everyone should master before the age of 30. See the slate here. INTRODUCING THE WORLD OF THE ZOE REPORT


A lot has happened in Rachel Zoe’s life since her TV reality show ended. And since things have never been busier, she decided to give her fans a behind-the-scenes peek into her life—her real life. If you thought the drama was over, you are so wrong. Each weekly Instagram Story docu-series episode offers an insider’s view of Rachel’s world—from life at home with her family to running a massive media empire to designing her ready-to-wear collection, and every major moment in between. Each Sunday, Rachel and The Zoe Report promote a new episode from their Instagram accounts, with over 3 million followers combined.


Join the conversation between Rachel Zoe and her celebrity friends! In each episode, Rachel video-chats with a glamorous guest from somewhere in the world to conduct a fun and very candid interview. Sharing these convos from her smartphone, Rachel provides unfiltered insight into the star-studded lives and everyday happenings of the A-list stars you usually only get to read about.


The red carpet’s most acclaimed style authority knows a thing or two about glam. From the comfort of her own home, decked out in a bathrobe and last night’s diamonds (of course), Rachel Zoe and her tribe of red carpet professionals decode all the major fashion moments that nearly broke the internet the night before, while showing viewers how to translate the best looks to real life.


Based on Rachel Zoe’s philosophy that taking an extra five minutes to elevate your look will get you through the day more confidently, this series shows you the small changes that can make a big impact. Each episode, The Zoe Report serves up easy-to-apply fashion and beauty tricks focusing on events relevant to TZR’s multi-hyphenate audience. From a life-changing interview to an after-work happy hour, we’ve got you covered.


Not your average cover story, this series provides exclusive access to of-the-moment influencers, celebrities, CEOs and multi-hyphenates who have inspiring messages. The Zoe Report goes a step further with a video Q&A, serving up advice, secrets to success and ways to fully embody living in style. Past subjects have included Diane von Furstenberg, Natalie Massenet, Christy Turlington-Burns and Karlie Kloss.


By the time we reach 30, we feel like we’re supposed to know it all. But really, what is adulting? Enter The Zoe Report and our team of life experts, food bloggers, wellness coaches, tech gurus and more. Episode by episode, we tackle the life lessons you need to master—from whipping up classic recipes to outsmarting your smartphone—through simple steps and easy hacks.


Are you the girl who’s always running late or never has enough time for her AM beauty routine? The Zoe Report is here to help you make up for lost time. In each episode, editors and industry experts reveal the best-kept secrets to creating an on-trend, seemingly complicated look in less than a minute. Our beauty gurus execute the looks while breaking down each step and sharing the products they’re using. With routines designed for those who are snooze-button happy, these beauty tutorials will have you out the door in less than a minute!


Ever wonder how the products we know and love go from conception to our closets? From development to final packaging, witness each step that goes into preparing a beauty or fashion item for its debut in your favorite store. The Zoe Report takes you behind the curtain of this fascinating process—your shopping experience will never be the same.


The Zoe Report partners with your favorite lifestyle influencers, rolling up our stylish sleeves to showcase chic DIY weekend projects designed to glamorize every moment of your off time. Whether it’s mastering time-saving recipes, curating classic cocktails or creating natural beauty treatments in the kitchen, The Zoe Report’s team of experts break down all the steps you need.