You Won’t Recognize Blake Lively On The Set Of Her New Movie

Blake Lively posing in a white and black dress with a golden flower

Updated December 4, 2017: She continues to surprise us—this time, with a jet-black pixie that makes her unrecognizable at first sight. Portraying an assassin, Blake Lively is expected to go through a number of disguises in her upcoming film, The Rhythm Section, but this one takes the cake as her boldest yet. The actress shared her crop on Instagram, and although it's likely a wig, we're no less startled by the dramatic transformation. Blake, you're never short of flawless.

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Original post November 6, 2017: When Blake Lively signed on to the badass film The Rhythm Section, we knew better than to expect a return to the Upper East Side socialite role we've come to associate with the actress. However, we never imagined her character would take on a dramatically different look that had us questioning whether it was even Blake herself on set.

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Minus the makeup and blonde bombshell locks, the star traded her signature style for an oversize jacket and sweatpants to play Stephanie Patrick, a woman who gets revenge as an assassin after her family dies in a supposed plane accident. It's an unconventional role for Blake, so we're not totally surprised to see her take on an equally unconventional look for the spy thriller.