Here's What To Get Your Friends For The Holidays, According To Their Love Language

There's a lot to consider when trying to find your closest friends the perfect gift — their style, their likes, even their favorite hobbies — but for a truly personal gift, you can look to their love language. There are five languages that speak to the way a person gives and receives affection, and that translates into what they value most when it comes to their loved ones.

Take someone whose love language is quality time. They're most likely your friend who's always planning the girl's trip or organizing a Sunday brunch. That means a gift that'll allow you to spend time together is the one she'll love the most. In collaboration with Nordstrom Rack, we've put together a collection of gift ideas inspired by these five love languages to help you on your hunt for the most thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

Words Of Affirmation

We all have that friend who loves to hear what you think of their latest wardrobe splurge or their new experimental haircut. Ultimately, they just want to know you support them, and likely, they're quick to return the love. Communication is everything to them, so a luxe set of notecards, a perfume they'll get tons of compliments on, or the most-talked about It sneakers of the season are all good picks for making them feel special.

Quality Time

We all have the friend who's the best at making plans and making sure you don't go too long without seeing each other. Really, all she wants is to make the most of the time you do spend together, so an instant camera for capturing memories, a frame for those photos, or even a mani set for a girl's night in are bound to make her smile — and inspire her to plan your next get together.

Acts of Service

It's the little unexpected moments that matter to this friend. Anything that helps them unwind and unload the day is just what they need. Gift them an elevated bar set so they can make a delicious cocktail after work or a serving tray for when it's time to lay out a spread for guests — or themselves. Pampering skin care and beauty staples also make the perfect gift for something just a bit more personal.

Physical Touch

If your friend is big on hugs, kiss-on-the-cheek greetings, or is generally a touchy-feely person, there's a good chance that physical touch is how they show (and like to receive) love. Comfort and care is high on this friend's priority list, so look to supersoft faux fur throws, cozy plush boots, or even luxe hand care for quick massages for their gift.

Receiving Gifts

This love language might be the easiest one to shop for of them all. They are all about gifts, so this is their season — but you can't disappoint. Whether you go for a pair of essential OTK Boots they'll wear and rewear or splurge on some fine jewelry, they're going to love it all (as long as it's wrapped and tied with a bow)

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack.