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Here’s How An Interior Design Expert Turned Her Bedside Into A Cozy Haven

By Kate Marin

Viktoria Dahlberg has long been a source of inspiration for her effortless sense of style, fashion and home alike. Laidback and vintage-inspired with a Scandinavian eye, Dahlberg is an expert at mixing unique shapes and varying textures with pieces she’s held onto for years — all while keeping things fresh and modern. “I think the root of my personal style stems from my need to maintain harmony and balance in my life, which is why I gravitate towards neutral-toned pieces with the clothes I wear and my home decor,” she says. “I like to keep my space clean, minimal, and earthy because all of these elements bring me a sense of peace.”

For their latest home edit, Dahlberg teamed up with Walmart to transform her bedside area into an inviting, cozy sanctuary. Leaning into decorating themes she loves — a neutral color palette, pops of color, and clean, minimalist designs — Dahlberg’s bedside space is a perfect embodiment of her style. Check out all of the pieces she used to decorate her space, ahead.


1. "The earth tones and the abstract shapes in this print are a great way to add a pop of pattern to your space." - V.D.

2. "I love how sophisticated this bedside table looks with its sleek shape and golden legs." - V.D.

3. "This palo santo kit fits perfectly on my bedside table and is a part of my morning routine, so I love to have it handy." - V.D.

4. "I love rugs with abstract lines and neutral hues. What I especially love about this rug is how it’s woven with jute, adding a natural, earthy element into my home." - V.D.


1. "This cozy textured pillow matches everything in my home!" - V.D.

2. "I actually love the idea of using this as a food tray, because I love its sleek, modern design." - V.D.

3. "These sheets are so clean and soft, it’s almost impossible to get out of bed." - V.D.

4. "You can never go wrong with a chunky knit throw blanket! I really can’t wait to cozy up with mine for chillier days ahead." - V.D.

Viktoria's bedside table is no longer in stock, but you can shop a similar minimalist version above.