Fuzzy Feet: Fall’s Weirdest Footwear Trend

Fuzzy shoes have been spotted on the runways for a few cold-weather seasons now—including Gucci, BCBG and Derek Lam to name a few—but we’re just really seeing retailers start to embrace them. Can’t fault brands for acting with caution—this trend is not for the faint of heart! If like us, you’re finally determined to give plush, Muppet-style footwear a go, dress them up or down with our style suggestions below.

Photo Credit: @tibi

…for Girls’ Night Out

Sandals this dramatic deserve a wardrobe to match. Go full-on disco with a louche burgundy dress, sequin cape and glittery gold extras.

…for Sunday Brunch

Remember Fraggle Rock? These winter-white fuzzy mules are like the chic version of that. Chic them up with luxe boho layers.

…for Casual Friday

Gucci gave its iconic loafers a wild twist this fall with goat hair trim. Pair them with preppy staples, and let your newly hirsute slippers do all the talking.