French Girl Style: The Winter Edition

Is there anything that stops French women from looking so effortlessly stylish? Apparently it’s not winter, so we’re stealing a few of the preternaturally chic crowd’s layering tips. Whether they’re bundling up for a run to the grocery store or stepping out for an evening with friends, Parisians manage to look fabulous while staying warm. Here’s how. (Now if we could only figure out how they eat so much cheese and not gain weight, we’d be set.)

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Cinch It

Pile on the layers (think chunky knits and a voluminous coat)—just make sure to cinch everything with a belt. Voilà! You have a defined silhouette.

Legs For Days

A calf-grazing stiletto boot allows you to tuck in a variety of pant styles without disrupting the visual line of your leg or exposing any skin.

Mad Hatter

Go crazy with your scarves (seriously, wear two at the same time if you want). Top it all off with a structured chapeau, and you'll look instantly pulled together.

Layer Upon Layer

Keep layered tops chic by choosing luxe fabrics. Start with a tissue-thin long-sleeved tee and add an ultra-fine cashmere sweater. Talk about casually cool (or warm in this case).