Digital Trends We Want To See Spoofed In Zoolander 2

News of a Zoolander sequel ignited a media frenzy this week that nearly broke the internet — proving just how far the fashion and tech worlds have come since the release of the first film in 2001, aka, ancient history. All things considered, we have high hopes for what we want to see in the new movie, from selfies to Snapchat and holograms. Click through for our predictions!

1. Fashion Bloggers

What's the point of being really, really ridiculously good looking if you can't have someone follow you around documenting your outfits every day? Obviously, Derek Zoolander and his model crew would fit right in with the blogger circuit — our fingers are crossed for a Man Repeller cameo!

Photo: @manrepeller.

2. Selfies

We already put on our best Blue Steel face (puckered lips, sucked-in cheekbones) when snapping pics of ourselves, so an onscreen follow-up lesson from the master would be much appreciated.

Photo: @patmcgrathreal

3. YouTube

YouTube is the perfect space for Mr. Zoolander to connect with his fans, share posing tips (Le Tigre, perhaps?) and practice turning left in front of an audience.

Photo: youtube.com/thezoereport

4. Instagram

What is this, a photo gallery for ants? We'd love to see Derek and Hans hashtag it out and compete for Instagram likes — it's basically the new-school walk-off.

Photo: @giambattistavallipr

5. Street Style

Because capturing Derek or Hans off-duty would be The Sartorialist's dream.

Photo: @susiebubble.

6. Snapchat

Whether used by Zoolander to give a pre-show backstage tour, or as a device to unfold Mugatu's villainous plans, Snapchat should definitely be involved in the sequel.

Photo: @hannahbronfman

7. Holograms

Taking cues from Ralph Lauren's futuristic Spring 2015 show (and Tupac circa Coachella 2013), it's totally feasible for Derek Zoolander to find himself cast in 4D holographic form.

Photo: Getty Images