Which Dior Couture Girl Are You?


Raf Simons’ Haute Couture collection for Christian Dior ran the gamut from parachute-fabric jumpsuits to paneled minidresses, proving that couture can be incredibly versatile. Whether you aspire to a modern, romantic or tomboy aesthetic, there is something here for every sensibility. Which woman are you?

All Photos: Courtesy of Christian Dior

This is you if... you'll take any excuse to wear elbow gloves and a string of pearls.

This is you if... you can't help but sneak a little extra sparkle by way of your jacket (or shorts, or skirt).

This is you if... you consider persuasion to consist of a coy smile and a bat of your eyelids.

This is you if... the highlight of your week is hitting the flower market.

This is you if... your outfits are more often inspired by buildings than billboards.

This is you if... you covet your Dad's vintage blazer more than your Mum's vintage jewelry.

This is you if... your daydreams put Alice in Wonderland to shame.

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