RZ ID: What would you wear on a plane?

by The Zoe Report

Hi @rzrachelzoe, what would you wear on the plane on the way to jet set? Thanks! — Anna E. (@annabeesy) via Twitter.

When I’m on-the-go (which is more often than not!), I make it a point to keep my in-flight attire stylish, yet comfy! Comfort is KEY…especially if you have hours and hours of travel time ahead of you. With that said, I rarely mix up my jet setting outfit!

If you have a long flight—or road trip—coming up, a chunky knit, jersey leggings, wedge booties, oversized tee and carry-on-ready accessories will create a totally travel-appropriate look! As far as fashionable necessities needed once you’ve reached your destination, check out my latest guide, Jet Set Summer: 20 Stylish Savvy Suggestions!

If you’re looking for a big, soft sweater, All Saints’ Tapio Long Wrap Cardigan is a great pick! It is not only soft, but also easy to take on and off…extra bonus points. This season, I am also big on capes! My QVC Double Belted Cape is a chic outerwear option…also wearable out on the town if your plane touches down a little late! As for underneath, an oversized tee will work under either outerwear option…try Nation LTD’s Ex-Boyfriend Tee, it is one of my faves!

On the bottom, I suggest a simple pair of leggings, like these from Splendid. I always wear mine en-route…there is NOTHING more comfortable! Accessorize with ankle booties—preferably in a wedge style, obvi—such as Jeffrey Campbell’s Tick Wedges. They are over-the-top comfy! A printed scarf is also a travel essential! Plus, it doubles as a blanket on the plane! Ah-ma-zing. Safe travels! xoRZ