What NOT To Wear This Halloween

No matter who you are, showing up to a Halloween party to find that you and three other people just happened to land on the same costume idea always sucks. Well, we recently discovered the 20 most Googled Halloween costumes of 2015. Why should you care? If these are the most searched costumes on the internet, chances are pretty high everyone will be wearing them come October 31st. To ensure your look is 100% original, see 5 of the most Googled costumes of 2015 then peruse our more unique alternatives to guarantee you win best dressed.


Star Wars

Star Wars is an American classic, meaning it's one of the first films people go to for movie character inspiration. Get a little creative and be a fierce villain like Cruella De Vil.



Cat ears, fishnets and head-to-toe black? You can do better than that. If Egyptian and sultry is what you're going for, try being Cleopatra instead.



Pirate attire always requires clothing that looks dated and puffy. For a costume that is modern and sleek, try dressing as Beetlejuice. Find yourself a striped blazer and some skinny jeans and you're all set.



Although mysterious and intimidating, witches tend to lack glamour and pizazz. Swap your pointed hat for a printed unitard and be David Bowie.



Tiaras and pink tulle? So overrated. Chanel from the popular TV show, Scream Queens is a modern day princess if there ever was one. Ditch the tiara and rhinestones and dress up as something a little more fashionable like Chanel.