We’re Calling It: Rachel Zoe Shares The Luxury Gifts Everyone Will Want To Unwrap This Year

Diamonds, Diptyque, Dr. Barbara Sturm, and beyond

by BDG Studios
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Celebrity stylist and TZR founder, Rachel Zoe, is a master gift-giver. Each season, she somehow finds the perfect pieces that feel luxurious, unique, and personalized — for every single person on her list. “My approach has always been to think of a gift for someone that they would absolutely love and would never buy for themselves,” she modestly explains. But, if you’re anything like us, you’re all too familiar with how stressful and competitive the holiday season can feel. Which is precisely why we’ve partnered up with Rachel Zoe and Klarna to help make this holiday season the smooothest one yet.

If you’re new to Klarna, it’s an all-in-one shopping service and payment platform that’ll help you shop while sticking to your budget. While you can use their services online or in-store, the app is especially helpful: Klarna believes you deserve one great shopping app instead of five okay ones. Instead of tapping separate spots for inspiration, deals, rewards, and payments, Klarna combines them into one convenient app. It’s smoooth shopping — and yes, that extra ‘o’ is deliberate, Klarna is about giving you that extra something to exceed your expectations.

“One of my favorite things about shopping on Klarna is the diversity of brands — they seriously have it all!”

To help her discover new brands and shop for her favorites quickly, Zoe’s a huge fan of the Klarna app. “One of my favorite things about shopping on Klarna is the diversity of brands — they seriously have it all! Plus, it’s streamlined and easy to navigate, making the app a true one-stop shop,” she says. Once you download the app, you’ll have access to personalized shopping inspiration and content from brands and people you love. Plus, you’ll be able to create, share, and browse Collections with friends, which will make finding the perfect present that much easier.

The app also offers rewards and perks for shopping with Klarna, as well as special offers from your favorite brands, and price-drop notifications. Their best feature? Pay-in-4, which splits your order into four equal, interest-free payments over the course of six weeks. It’s more flexible than a credit card — you can always pause if you need to regroup financially. Now that luxe gift you’re eyeing is well within reach.

Ready for some expert holiday shopping inspiration? Read on for Zoe’s most luxurious present picks that are sure to make everyone on your list happy.

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