What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner

Our favorite things about Thanksgiving involve football, carb-loading and quality time with loved ones (read: this is not the time to labor over an outfit choice). So whether you’re visiting your significant other’s family, hosting friends or heading to a restaurant this Thanksgiving, say no to elastic waistbands and slip into one of these simple-yet-chic outfits. We guarantee you’ll look great without wasting precious family time worrying about what to wear.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Boyfriend's Parents' House

When meeting potential future in-laws dress to impress with a classic, simple ensemble. Add edge to a blush silk blouse with a jacquard cigarette pant and pumps. Just remember: Gravy and silk don't mix, so be careful when you offer to help serve.

Hosting Friends

If you're entertaining friends at home, you might as well be comfortable while staying on trend. Go cozy cool with a red turtleneck under vintage-inspired overalls and stacked boots. Top with a navy peacoat, perfect for facing the cold when you inevitably have to run out for that extra 6-pack.

At A Restaurant

Going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner? Why not use it as an excuse to have a little fun with your outfit? An art-inspired dress paired with over-the-knee boots show you had time to primp because you didn't spend the entire day in the kitchen.