We Answer 2015’s Most-Googled Fashion Questions

Whether browsing the Interwebs or searching for a way out of a daily dilemma, Google is the gold standard for obtaining fast info. In an age where verbal inquiries feel archaic, fashionistas are instead turning to the famed search engine with their burning shopping and style questions. Ahead, 5 of the most-Googled fashion questions of 2015, with Team Zoe–approved answers to carry you into the New Year.

Adam Katz Sinding

Google It

Adam Katz Sinding

How To Walk In Heels

If you find it challenging to strut your stuff in sky-high heels, our first bit of advice is to try a lower option. But if that sounds less than appealing, block heels or platforms are a sound choice for more stability. Make sure you're wearing the right size—cramming your feet into styles that are too narrow or loose guarantees discomfort and hinders your stride. Finally, slowing down your pace will reduce strain on the balls of your feet and eliminate that agonizing "stomp" that quickly tires out toes.

Vanessa Jackman

What To Wear With Booties

Literally everything! For those less accustomed to the trend, try styling with cropped jeans, a T-shirt and cool winter topper for a fail-safe approach to off-duty cool. For a more feminine take, pair with an A-line mini and fitted sweater. Get more ideas here.

Adam Katz Sinding

What To Wear On The First Day Of School

For an effortless (and polished) back-to-school vibe, keep it simple. A cozy knit or sleek sweaterdress conveys collegiate cool. Tie your look together with lace-up oxfords and a polished backpack, à la NYU undergrad Karlie Kloss.

Adam Katz Sinding

How To Fray Jeans

For this street-style approved DIY look, start with freshly pressed denim to ensure the length you want to achieve. Mark the desired new length of your jeans with chalk, then use scissors to cut across the chalk line to create a raw edge. Last, use a seam ripper or tweezers to pull out threads from your newly frayed hem for a distressed effect. Keep in mind that your jeans will continue to fray over time and that an occasional trim may be necessary to avoid an overly messy look. Get a full tutorial here.

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What Should A Bride Wear To The Rehearsal Dinner?

While every bride has her own personal style, we love a Bianca Jagger moment for the rehearsal dinner. A menswear-inspired tux is a confident and sexy choice for any bride-to-be, plus a great way to rock tailored separates before giving the dress its spotlight on the big day.