Message In A Bottle

by The Zoe Report

I am taking a time out today from examining the crème de la crop of clothes and accessories—shocking, I know—to discuss a slightly different, yet still glamorous find: WaterGeeks Bottles. I stumbled upon these Earth Day-appropriate vessels at Neiman Marcus, and they have been a mandatory part of my day-to-day ever since.

A chic successor to wasteful plastic containers, each one of WaterGeeks’ stainless steel bottles is self-filtering and reusable—up to 400 times—for your fashionably on-the-go lifestyle. Did I mention they come in nine sleek shades? Love it! Now pick your favorite and jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon…all of the cool kids are doing it. Plus, just think of the head-spinning shoes you can buy with all of the money you will not be spending on disposable water bottles. xoRZ

Availability: WaterGeeks Filtered Stainless Bottles ($25). Receive an additional Tap Filter and Bottle Cap with purchase from Thewatergeeks.com when you mention The Zoe Report in the comment section of your order.