(New Chapter)

Welcome To The New TZR

A Letter From The Editor

By the time I began my role as editorial director of TZR this past August, I had, like so many of you, stocked up on loungewear sets, simplified my skin care routine, and scoured for decorative objects for my home/office/gym. I wondered if I’d ever dress up again beyond my occasional cottagecore dress, and if it was appropriate to do so or even think about it. Daily news events were shaping and re-shaping our lives and conversations, and in all of this, I questioned: Where does fashion and beauty sit in a time when everything else is so precarious?

This was the topic of many discussions with my team as we planned out our coverage for this new chapter, which included a fashion month like never before. It’s an ongoing conversation as we continue to evolve in our new normal. But the one thing we learned was that we all need a bit of joy, no matter the form. Getting lost in the images from a spring fashion shoot or looking for inspiration for your next hair makeover is a moment of respite that we can look forward to.

With that in mind, we’ve recalibrated, creating a sleek new design to let you explore fashion, beauty, wellness, living, and culture — while amplifying diverse points-of-view across these interests. We’ve expanded our fashion and beauty content, examining shifts in culture and industry standards; we’ve enhanced the shopping experience to allow instant purchasing while scrolling; you will also notice a vibrant wellness and living section full of tips on nutrition, meditation, at-home workouts, as well as how tos on design for your home — according to your astrological sign, spiritual goals, favorite Netflix show, you name it, we’ve got you covered.

In the spirit of resilience, we’re featuring a group of diverse and talented women who have been tested along the way. Our magnetic cover star, Grammy-nominated singer Andra Day, plays the legendary Billie Holiday in the upcoming biopic The United States vs. Billie Holiday — an account of how the legendary singer courageously sang “Strange Fruit,” with its harrowing lyrics about lynching, even though doing so put her life in danger. Day’s own music is a part of today’s movement for racial equality; her 2015 hit “Rise Up” is an adopted anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement. Wearing Miu Miu, Chanel, Aliétte, and more, Day is striking with her singular beauty and draw.

Clothing can empower and project a message not only on the pages of fashion editorials, but in real life, at work, and especially on Capitol Hill. Writer Hilary George-Parkin explores the power of dressing and the intentions behind them, from Vice President Kamala Harris’ purple inauguration outfit to the white suffragette suits worn by female representatives of the House. Fashion speaks — as do the eclectic clash of prints on the upcycled garments by sustainability-focused brand Collina Strada. Designer Hillary Taymour tells writer Leah Faye Cooper that she designs not to sell, but to explore the deepest reach of her creativity, unfiltered and untethered to the status quo.

Getting lost in the depth of creating and finding beauty, through whichever medium, is an important outlet, especially now. If that means taking time in the morning to perfect your makeup beat or dressing up in a voluminous puff sleeve blouse for your next Zoom meeting, style can be a form of self-care that has the power to lift moods.

I hope you find a moment of joy in our new space.