Here’s Your Sneak Peek At The Trends That Will Take Over Next Year

Leading up to fashion week, designers spend many months painstakingly planning their collections. One of the first steps in this process is developing a creative vision via artwork, mood boards and sketches. Tomorrow, New York Fashion Week officially begins, debuting a slew of new spring and summer trends for 2018. Ahead, designers share the inspiration behind the looks and give us a sneak peek at what’s sure to hit big.

Adam Katz Sinding

Sneak Peek: Spring/Summer 2018 Collections

Courtesy of Self-Portrait


"Flux." —Creative director Han Chong

Courtesy of Delpozo


"Delicate color proportion." —Creative director Josep Font

Courtesy of Zimmermann


"I was really attracted to the simple, sunny feeling in these photos—the somewhat kitschy hotels and apartments contrasted with the surf, the beautiful white sandy beaches and a radiant, golden light. This clear light is something very Australian for me and something I'm always drawn to. The blues are bluer and the color just goes pop." —Nicky Zimmermann

Courtesy of Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty

"I was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's brilliant life, work and wardrobe." —Rosetta Getty

Courtesy of Sally LaPointe

Sally LaPointe

"Spring 2018 is a focus on the certain confidence and clarity you get from being direct." —Sally LaPointe

Courtesy of Solace London

Solace London

"Spring/Summer 2018 explores opposite extremes as fabrication and technique continue to drive design." —Cofounders Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens

Courtesy of Dion Lee

Dion Lee

"Urban surf and weekend escapism." —Dion Lee

Courtesy of Tome


"Modern dance." —Cofounders Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin

Courtesy of Adeam


"East meets West" —Designer Hanako Maeda

Artwork by Thomas Stimm


"Human influence on nature. Artificially created, yet still beautiful." —Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin

Courtesy of Sachin & Babi

Sachin & Babi

"The grand bazaar." —Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia

Courtesy of GCDS


"An ironic approach to streetwear, transporting the sporty aesthetic into a vibrant yachting club. Wearable knits and bright colors showcase Italian craftsmanship and technical fabrics, exuding equal parts sophistication and fun." —Giulano Calza

Courtesy of Rochambeau


"Cartesian geometry." —Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler

Courtesy of Creatures of Comfort 

Creatures of Comfort

"Flowers across time." —Jade Lai

Courtesy of Novis


"Looking to antique botanical drawings for inspiration, I evolved the floral theme of the last couple seasons into the world of the ethereal jungle and enchantment, using laces, custom prints and embellishment to explore this theme in a palpable way." —Founder and creative director Jordana Warmflash

Courtesy of 831MinhLe


"My mood board for this collection is full of soft neutral colors that don't evoke emotions necessarily but that call you to pay attention to the details and the way they caress the body. I was inspired by fluid shapes that are classic and timeless yet offer the mind a modern twist.

As I began to complete pieces, I was inspired over and over again by what I was seeing as I would glance up from the sewing machine and see hanging on the wardrobe rack. Pale colors and beautiful shapes peeking out from behind one another." —Minh Le

Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

"Lately I have been feeling really nostalgic about a time in my life when I first became captivated by fashion. Reemerging photos of Princess Diana recall a time when clothes were romantic and we were all filled with hope." —Rebecca Taylor

Courtesy of Arias


"Arias celebrates the modern woman. It offers softness and warmth with an underlying strength. The collection calls for a new respect for minimalism and authenticity." —Nina Sarin Arias

Courtesy of Beaufille


"The idea of perception and the relationship between materials and the techniques that are classically used served as the contrasting element in our collection—material versus technique. Summer ease, effortless dressing and the perception of summer dressing was in our minds.” —Chloé and Parris Gordon

Courtesy of Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang

"The core of what I'm inspired by each season is pretty much the same—my neighborhood and the people in it, including my family and friends. Everything that inspires me is super personal and usually references my childhood in some way. Even though I grew up in Queens, I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Chinatown and the Lower East Side because my dad opened Congee Village in 1997, and my mom would drive us to my grandmother's apartment on Rivington Street at least once or twice a week and we would go grocery shopping in Chinatown." —Sandy Liang

Courtesy of LoveShackFancy

Love Shack Fancy

"The collection is inspired by the ethereal world of David Hamilton, with a mix of Victorian and 1970s California. Soft, innocent undertones were influenced by vintage French fairy tales, referencing childlike drawings and the mood of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The collection is balanced by modern silhouettes and accented with artisanal hand-detailing that feels both dreamy and unabashedly feminine." —Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Courtesy of Hellessy


"The Utah desert. I imagined Lauren Hutton's all-American glamour and her love for a desert adventure in this collection." —Sylvie Millstein

Courtesy of Anna Sui

Anna Sui

“For my Spring 2018 collection, I was most inspired by the an extraordinary exhibition at The Museum of Arts & Design, " Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion in an American Counterculture " . —Anna Sui