6 Micro Trends To Buy Before They Go Macro

A model in a striped tied-up blouse, matching pants and a woven bag

These days, trends don’t necessarily have to trickle down from the top fashion houses to be deemed “in style.” Sometimes, all it takes is for one standout piece to catch a few influential fashion girls’ eyes. Other times, it’s several smaller labels that will offer similar styles to their loyal shoppers first. Either way, these micro trends will slowly gain traction from popping up on social media or from being discussed amongst groups of fashion-minded friends. There’s a certain excitement to identifying a micro trend in its early stages. Because they take a bit longer to catch on, they also take longer to fade out of style. It might even be several seasons before they make it mainstream. So where are we going with this? We’re just letting you know that the following trends are worth the investment to snatch up now. It’s in your best interest to be looking out for these particular pieces sooner rather than later.


Let's Get Micro

Brown Polka Dot Dress

Mixing this season’s favorite print with perhaps the most unexpected color, a brown polka dot dress has proven to be surprisingly wearable as of late. Moreover, the warm hue will easily transition into the next season (and beyond).

Tie-Front Tops

Just about every French girl we follow has a tie-front top in multiple colors, so take your pick. Don’t hesitate to layer a coordinating cami or nude bodysuit underneath if that’s more your style, too.

Vintage-Inspired Sandals

Dainty, strappy sandals are breathing new life into our outfits lately. They’ll make any old dress feel a little extra flirty, so we won’t be letting this trend go away anytime soon.

Primary Stripes

Stripes will always be a classic, but you don’t have to stick to black and white palettes. Try a colorful striped pattern for an equally effortless, but more playful look.

Fruity Totes

Cute bags are more than having a moment right now, from pretty straw styles to playful beaded versions. Their fruit-embroidered cousin, however, is an even quirkier option that’s about to make everyday dressing a lot more fun.

Red Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are an absolute wardrobe essential, but those with ditsy red prints have been particularly eye-catching recently. Add this variety to your current midi skirt collection, stat.