Margherita Maccapani Missoni’s Essentials For Milan Fashion Week

Margherita Maccapani Missoni has it all: She’s gorgeous, has impeccable style, is a wife and mother, a career woman, and oh yeah, she’s the heiress to the Missoni fashion house (her grandparents founded the luxe label). A native of Northern Italy, Missoni grew up frequenting Milan, so who better to take us inside the sartorial capital of the world’s Fashion Week than this dark-haired stunner? We asked the Italian It girl to let us in on her uberchic MFW essentials (spoiler alert: her must-haves are about to become yours).

Margherita's MFW Musts

The Perfect Blouse

Missoni Lace Top, $1330

"How perfect is this Missoni shaded lace top? It's ideal for a day-to-night Milan Fashion Week look."

Beauty Essentials

Marc Jacobs Eye Stick ($28), Remedy Concealer Pen ($39)

"The best discovery: Marc Jacobs makeup. The Twinkle Pop Eye Stick and Remedy Concealer Pen are getting me through the week! And doesn't our Missoni bikini packaging make a cute makeup bag?"

Must-Have Bags

Missoni Bumbag, Cambiaghi Tote ($1271).

"My No. 1 rule for surviving Fashion Week: carry a small pouch inside your day bag to avoid breaking your back! Here is my Missoni bumbag and my treasured Cambiaghi pea green tote."

Evening Ensemble

Missoni Dress, Ca&Lou Necklace

"My ideal look for an evening in Milan is a Missoni feather-print pleated dress and CA&Lou jewels."

The Statement Piece

Missoni Parka Jacket From Fall 2014

"My favorite item from Missoni Fall 2014 is this beautiful parka. I'm dying to wear it—if only it wasn't so warm in Milan this week!"

Her Latest Obsession

Diptyque Do Son Perfume, $90

"I'm obsessed with my new perfume—I got it just before Milan Fashion Week began."

Fashion Week Amulets

Egyptian Lapis Beetle Ring & Venyx Turtle Ring

"These are my little friends and Fashion Week amulets: an Egyptian lapis beetle ring and a Venyx turtle ring."

What's In Store For Spring 2015

Missoni Spring 2015 Handbag

"I cannot wait for Spring 2015 to get my hands on this Missoni bag! It's my must-have for next year!"

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