How To Hack The Luxury Resale Game

There are so many reasons we’re obsessed with online luxury consignment—from the thrill of browsing exciting deals (often on items that are brand new or barely used), to searching for that one fated bag that got away, to reselling designer goods we’ve grown tired of, we frequently utilize leading sites including Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real. The latter of the two just released their mid-year “State of Luxury Resale” report, in which they crunch data from their extensive user base to report on trends and key learnings to better inform their community. If you are looking to make the most of selling your goods this year, look to these insights for which items and labels are most in-demand, and check out the full report here.

Best-selling brands in 2016: Gucci Dior Valentino

Brands trending down in 2016: Prada Burberry Celine

Handbags trending up in resale value: Chloé Drew Chloé Marcie Gucci Soho Disco Hermès Constance

Trending in jewelry: Verdura (the brand) Engagement rings Luxury watches

2016 predictions: Australian designers (such as Ellery and Zimmermann) will become more in demand Cruise collections will increase in popularity Menswear collaborations (such as Vetements’ various partnerships) will be in high demand