8 Over-50 Instagram Influencers Who Prove Style Is Ageless

We all have our favorite fashion influencers we follow on Instagram for inspiration, though by and large It girls on the ‘gram are in their 20s and 30s. But that’s not to say style is designated to those age brackets only. In the spirit of celebrating a fresh perspective, we’ve culled eight truly chic women over 50 whose Instagram accounts are worth a follow. Each one is proof that great style is ageless.


Iris Apfel

Whether you know her by name or not, you're surely familiar with 96-year-old Iris Apfel. An interior designer by trade, she's a celebrated fashion legend with a quirky and eccentric style sensibility. She has a penchant for piling on accessories from bangles to chunky necklaces to cocktail rings, and you’ll never spot her sans her signature oversize specs.


Linda Rodin

Model turned stylist turned luxury beauty entrepreneur, Linda Rodin is the epitome of effortless chic. Partial to denim and sneakers, her signature look is simplicity with a twist. Closet staples like white button-down shirts, wide-leg trousers and cardigans are the crux of her look, but it's the unique extras that add punch—she favors funky footwear, dramatically flared hems and colorfully tinted sunglasses. Bonus: Linda's adorable dog Winks is prominently featured on her feed.


Linda Fargo

As the senior vice president and director of women's fashion and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo is an industry icon. Her aesthetic is exuberant and polished—look to her for vivid outfits with bold colors and prints.


Maye Musk

A self-proclaimed #sciencenerd, Maye Musk is a dietitian and model with a career spanning 50 years. Currently starring in a CoverGirl campaign, Maye is a master of experimentation—she oscillates between clean and minimal ensembles and colorful, daring prints and textural embellishments. Her collection of eye-catching statement earrings alone is worth a follow.


Lyn Slater

Fordham University professor Lyn Slater bridged a gap in the influencer world by starting her blog Accidental Icon as a means to channel her lifelong interest in fashion in a way that didn’t focus on antiaging but instead embraced the process of growing older through an urban, intellectual and artistic lens. Her look: high-street elegance (complete with a captivating ‘tude). An expert at layering, Lyn teams sporty separates with opulent textures and glamorous accessories. Her clever outfit combinations are always unexpected and fashion-forward—they’d look just as fitting on a 20-something as they do on her.


Beatrix Ost

With a theatrical background, Beatrix Ost is an actress, artist and producer as well as a muse to Advanced Style's Ari Seth Cohen (whose account is also worth a follow). Her style is vivacious and off-kilter in the best way possible—moody with sharp and sprightly nuances. She gravitates toward pieces both sculptural and fluid—her purple hair wrapped up in a silk headscarf is an unexpectedly stylish punctuation to every ensemble.


Olga Kondrasheva

We came across the 72-year-old Russian model and zoologist on her agency's Instagram account @oldushkamodels, the first Russian modeling agency representing older models. With a low-key style sensibility, her editorial photos are entirely captivating. We’re calling it: Olga’s influencer status is imminent.


Valerie Von Sobel

Look to philanthropist and artist Valerie Von Sobel for dramatic flair. Her theatrical ensembles come with a bit of whimsy whether it’s a prim plaid dress topped with a leopard beret or simple knitwear artfully layered beneath an intricate leather tunic. Also evidenced by her Instagram account? An adoration for bold accessories from over-the-top hats to dazzling jewelry.