I Don’t Follow Trends

I don't really follow trends. I kind of always thought this made me a dork, but according to a quick Google search on the subject, it actually makes me très French. If Vogue is to be believed on the topic, French women, who we are all so quick to admire, don't care as much about what's being shown at fashion week as they do about what makes sense for their body type and lifestyle. Same.

This image via Runway Manhattan; full-bleed image via Getty

Though certainly trends seep into my subconscious—I work for Rachel Zoe, after all—the way I dress is far more intuitive than strategized. What frequently drives my fashion purchases is very Marie Kondo in nature. Does this bring me joy? I ask myself. If the answer is yes, I add it to my wardrobe. Often, the way a piece enhances my figure or brings out my eyes factors into that joy, but not always. Just yesterday, I purchased a ridiculous dress printed with parrots that doesn't necessarily flatter me but that was too special to pass up. Still, I'm more likely to buy something that fits me well and makes me feel confident—no matter how modern or trendy it is—than I am to purchase something just because everyone is wearing it.

Sometimes, people will comment on my style in ways that take me aback. For example, while I was pillaging my favorite go-to vintage spot in LA recently, the clerk assessed my finds and commented, "Wow. You really like color." This isn't the first time someone has alluded to my apparent predilection for brights in a way that implies my wardrobe is outside the norm—or, put another way, not on trend. (Though judging by the Spring/Summer 2018 runways, I'm not sure it could actually be considered out of date.) I also hear a lot of, "Only you could pull that off," which is sort of a compliment but also, not.

Truth be told, I couldn't care less what people think of my style. I might be more crazy aunt than I am Gigi Hadid, but that's what feels natural to me. When I try to force myself into something that doesn't feel native to my personality—bandage dresses, for example, back when those were a thing—I feel self-conscious. Sometimes I'll see a trend, like fishnets peeking out from jeans, and think, That's so cute! and yet I know it won't really fit my overall aesthetic, so I pass. Mostly I just let the clothes be my muse, waiting for the ones that sing to me and buying them without considering whether or not they're 2017 Angeleno-appropriate.

The funny thing about my apathy toward trends is that I have, on occasion, accidentally hit on them before they go big. This happened recently with a wackado haircut everyone thought was crazy, which was then seen on the models at Phillip Lim's show last week. I guess that makes me (gasp!) a trendsetter? Likely not, but I do think there's something empowering and inspiring about watching someone march to the beat of their own sartorial drum. Consider Iris Apfel and ask yourself if she ever thinks about what might be on trend. "When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else," she once said, to which I emphatically say yes.

If you can't afford the latest looks and aren't keen on disposable clothing—worry not. Land on the styles you love, collecting variations over time, and you'll always look your best. (And very French, to boot!)