This Is Going To Be The Most Epic Designer Collaboration Ever

Next Sunday, cult-adored label Vetements will take yet another step towards proving it’s singlehandedly pushing the fashion industry forward. The design house’s spring show, which will take place on July 2, is going to feature a mind-blowing 18 different designer collaborations.

Designer Demna Gvasalia told New York Magazine that the idea came to him after the label produced jeans he felt weren’t as authentic as Levi’s. At that point, he realized it made a lot of sense to partner with labels which specialize in certain categories. “We really thought about each garment,” Gvasalia told writer Cathy Horyn. “What is the first brand that comes to mind when we think about, for example, workwear pants? So we went to Carhartt.” The resultant collection will feature collaborations between Gvasalia’s team and those of Juicy Couture, Levi’s, Hanes, Manolo Blahnik, Eastpak, Canada Goose, Lucchese, Mackintosh, Dr. Martens, Reebok, Church’s, Alpha Industries, Champion, Kawasaki, Schott, Comme des Garçons, Brioni and more.

Despite having a very specific design aesthetic and point of view, the Vetements ethos is one of wearability, so it’s a totally genius move on their part to partner with pros who’ve already perfected the manufacturing of their particular specialty. This move is also further proof that the brand, which experienced what amounts to overnight success after debuting in 2014, is breaking new ground in a rigid, old-fashioned business, as more established design houses would never dream of jeopardizing their aesthetic vision by working with a range of other brands.

Next Sunday, look for familiar Vetements silhouettes as reimagined by its collaborators and unexpected takes on signature designs (think a velour evening dress made in collaboration with Juicy). We, for one, can’t wait.