The Fashion Trend Made For Short Girls

It’s no secret that the hottest trends often work for one body type and not another—however, that particular game is usually won by those blessed with height. And that’s exactly why the culotte, cropped jean and general short-pant trend is such a gift to those who fall into the vertically challenged category. Shorter hemlines mean petite girls can save themselves a trip to the tailor (something that literally never happens with the purchase of a normal-length pair of pants or jeans), so the coveted silhouette not only looks cute but also saves money. And saved funds means more money to—you guessed it—buy another pair of cute pants.

Getty Images

Consider this trend a short fashion girl's dream (side note: It actually also works on ladies of all heights). Here, a few of our favorites on the market now—from cropped trousers to classic culottes to kick-flare denim. Click through and make sure you have a great pair of shoes ready because they'll finally be front and center!