3 Reasons Everyone Is Talking About Marc Jacobs Right Now

Marc Jacobs has a huge cult following of industry insiders and other stylish women, thanks to his constantly evolving approach to fashion. His runway shows are huge spectacles, he showcases women of all ages in his campaigns and recently he signed 15-year-old model Kaia Gerber (the preternaturally pretty progeny of Cindy Crawford) as the face of his beauty line. Unsurprisingly, his hip-hop-inspired New York Fashion Week show was one for the books, for a multitude of reasons. Here’s why everyone is talking about it.

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Marc Jacobs Livestream

1. A Phone-Free Zone

Unlike every other event, Marc insisted no one use cell phones during his runway show. The short-term implication was that our Insta feeds weren't clogged with slo-mo model shots; the larger point however—that we should all be a little more present in our lives—is one worth recognizing.

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2. Unique Beauty Looks

Breaking from convention yet again, Marc shunned the traditional backstage practice of preening models into a cookie-cutter beauty look. Instead, he instructed his teams to embrace unique features, proffering cat-eyes for some, deeply hued pouts for others and so on. We're hard-pressed to think of another catwalk example that has celebrated individuality in such a way. Bravo.

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3. Models As Photographers

After the show, models exited the venue and sat on folding chairs as guests filed into the street. While attendees typically spend their time photographing the models on the runway, the tables were turned as Marc's models produced cell phones and started snapping pics of the guests. Whether or not it was a sly nod to the microscope through which we judge one another, we'll never know.