The New Jeans Every It Girl Is Freaking Out Over

You may not know him—or his line—by name but you have spotted his designs on every It girl and style star in the past year. Virgil Abloh of cult brand Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh is part of the growing young designer contingent who aims to create fashion-forward items people can actually wear in their everyday lives, counting Demna Gvasglia of Vetements and Kanye West as close friends and creative peers. Naturally, Jonathan Cheung and his design team who are responsible for the Levi’s Made and Crafted label were so besotted with Virgil and his streetwear approach to fashion that they tapped him for their first ever collaboration. When we chatted with Virgil he explained the 11 pieces are his study of the iconic fabric. His joyful childlike approach to the collaboration (“How often does an iconic brand that birthed an invention like denim, allow someone young and new come in and play with it?!”) shows in the pieces which feature his iconic ring-pull zippers and a ’90s-era blue fade he associates with his skateboarding youth. See our favorites here (and later on the Kendall Jenners of the world who crowded his launch party in LA last night).

Adam Katz Sinding

Off-White Denim Street Style In Paris

Signatures of Off-White, like juxtaposed seams, color-blocking and exposed zippers are also present in the Made and Crafted collaboration.

Splice Trucker in Yellow

Staff Coat

Shearling Trucker

Splice Trucker in White

Boyfriend Jean in Yellow

Oversized Jean

Insect Skinny Jean in Yellow