Rachel Solves #TheDress Dilemma Once And For All

Last night the Internet blew up over—wait for it—the color of this dress. While many people insisted they saw white and gold, others adamantly advocated for black and blue. Aside from learning that #thedress is selling like crazy right now, we’ve been engaging in our own inter-office debate on the subject all morning long. To settle the score once and for all, we asked our EIC and CEO to weigh in. The outcome? Rachel sees black and blue, Rodger sees white and gold. Allow this to serve as the ultimate proof that no one agrees on the subject.

Enter science—theories have been offered up to explain the disparity (it boils down to the way in which humans see color in a sunlit world), but we here at RZ HQ are still dumbfounded. Apparently, so is the rest of Hollywood (and the world, for that matter).

A selection of choice celeb reactions below: