The Reason Calvin Klein Is About To Get Even Cooler

American design house Calvin Klein has big news today: Raf Simons is its new chief creative officer, effective immediately. Whispers about the appointment have been meandering through the industry for some time—the beloved Belgian fashion designer’s move has been expected since his departure from Dior last fall but sensibly took time to become official due to a stringent non-compete clause in his contract with the Parisian label. What this means for American fashion, however, is that the iconic brand—whose current roster of celebrity faces is unprecedented (read: Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, Margot Robbie, to name just a few)—will see a forward-thinking, distinctly modern version of its signature minimalist aesthetic, as interpreted through Raf’s visionary lens. With Fall 2017 likely to be his debut collection, we suspect the designer’s cool-kid fans from Rihanna to Dakota Johnson are already champing at the bit.