Balenciaga’s Newest $1,100 Bag Is Something Our Boyfriends Will Accidentally Throw Away

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We’re guilty of being easily hypnotized by fashion brands’ gimmicks, but occasionally something so ridiculous happens that even we scratch our heads. This is one of those times. Balenciaga—helmed by creative director Demna Gvasalia who is known for turning the traditional high fashion construct on its head—has just launched a new bag designed to look exactly like their shopping bags, only it is rendered in leather and costs $1,100. While the average person will say that is ludicrous, the fashion insider would say this ridiculousness is the whole point. Gvasalia continues to poke fun at the outrageousness that is the fashion industry, essentially calling fans’ bluff for mindlessly buying whatever their favorite designer has emblazoned with their logo. So yes, it is insane, but the larger point is actually very valid. We’re not sure we feel strongly enough to buy one, plus we can guarantee our boyfriends will accidentally mistake it for a real shopping bag and put it in the trash, so we’re going to save our $1,100. Clearly people are jumping on board though because it has already sold out.

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