3 Color Combos That Are HUGE This Season

As much as the runway is the scene to watch for the latest trends, street-style stars outside of the fashion week venues have been spotted incorporating a genius trick into their cold-weather garb. To brighten up their ensembles, which can easily turn into a monochromatic blob on account of several layers, fashion girls have focused on pairing two standout, complementary hues—proving that dressing in freezing temperatures shouldn’t rule out color. Ahead, see the three combos you should start mixing into your own outfits now.

Hunter Abrams/BFA.com

Green & Blue

Pair a light green with a pastel blue for a soft yet lively effect.


Camel & Orange

A bold orange works well with the go-to neutral camel.

Julien Boudet/BFA.com

Navy & Mustard

A rich yellow helps lift a dark blue hue.