21 Travel-Themed Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

We’re giving “safe travels” a whole new meaning: Whether it’s via industry movers-and-shakers, bloggers or professional shutterbugs, we invite you to jet set vicariously, from the comfort of your couch.

Follow: @parisinfourmonths

Because Paris is always a good idea and photographer, Carin Olsson captures the city in all its glory -- one croissant/rain-soaked cobble stone sidewalk/Eifel tower photo-bomb at a time.

Follow: @ourwildabandon

Tag along on Kyla, Jill and Bobby Jean's (that’s the name of Kyla and Jill’s decked-out trailer) epic, over-year-long road trip across America. Bonus: Their use of hashtags is nothing short of brilliant.

Follow: @dwellstudio

Her gig as founder and creative director of Dwell Studio takes Christine Lemieux to faraway places on the regular, which she diligently documents for our viewing pleasure.

Follow: @miss_moss

South African blogger Diana Moss’ whimsy-packed feed leaves us convinced we can totally be friends IRL.

Follow: @wearehandsome

Quite possibly the most wanderlust-inducing of the bunch, this endless stream of azure waters and frolicking beach bunnies belongs to We Are Handsome swimwear founder, Jeremy Somers.

Follow: @facehunter

This self-proclaimed “blog-trotter” snaps beautiful places and equally beautiful people to match.

Follow: @garypeppergirl

Whether it’s travel, fashion or mouth-watering food shots you’re after, Aussie beauty Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper) keeps her immaculate feed well-stocked with a little bit of everything.

Follow: @vagfrag

Athens-based photographer Vaggelis Fragkakis peppers in the telltale white-and-blue landscapes of his hometown with travel eye-candy from around the globe.

Follow: @yokoonoofficial

If it were up to us, we’d rename Yoko Ono’s handle to @WhereInTheWorldIsYokoOno.

Follow: @lyndoncormack

It should come as no surprise that one half of the duo behind Herschel Supply (their backpacks are ideal companions for journeys long and short) is an avid adventurer with a keen eye for perspective and color.

Follow: @styleslicker

Blogger, DIY-er, and frequent globetrotter, Kit Lee, lends a unique slice-of-life perspective to all her pics.

Follow: @tomypilot

Being a real-life pilot and avid cloud enthusiast, Tomy offers a very literal birds eye view of fascinating destinations.

Follow: @poppydelevingne

It’s no secret the Delevingnes are a well-traveled bunch. Poppy’s Insta-feed is a happy medley of modeling shots, far-flung locales and family snapshots.

Follow: @wildjunket

It’s safe to say that travel writers get a leg up on the competition when it comes to filling their feeds with faraway places. And nobody gets further than WildJunket Magazine founder, Nellie Huang.

Follow: @natgeotravel

For: Go here for breathtaking wildlife and nature photography taken by the magazine’s most renowned photographers.

Follow: @saintrecords

This piece of Internet real estate is occupied by none other than Solange Knowles. And yes, her sister makes frequent guest appearances.

Follow: @theblondegypsy

Ultra saturated colors and sprawling landscapes are this iPhoneographer’s calling card.

Follow: @lukeshadbolt

Sports photography is Luke Shadbolt’s bread and butter, but it’s important to note that he’s also the man responsible for some of Garry Pepper’s most mind-blowing fashion shoots.

Follow: @robertcaplin

Photographer Robert Caplin counts the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic as just a few of his employers. ‘Nuff said.

Follow: @gypsetgoddess

Caitlin Turner is not your average yogi. For one, she downward dogs, plows and fireflies her way through some of the most stunning terrains imaginable. Follow her bliss, and you might just find yours.

Follow: @cocorocha

Though the bulk of her feed is taken up by awe-inducing (and oftentimes a tad silly) modeling shots, many are staged in equally awe-inducing exotic locales.