Transitional Jackets To Try Now

Spring’s changeable weather is characterized by chilly mornings and balmy afternoons, calling for quite the versatile wardrobe. The easiest way to combat the challenge is with an in-between topper. Try one of these timeless styles—from trenches to tweeds—for a comfortably light layer so you can focus on smelling the roses (and daffodils).

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Tweed Biker

Now: With a nubby knit and cords.

Later: A white tee and black cut-offs.

Double-Breasted Blazer

Now: With a printed scarf and leather pants.

Later: Open, over a printed sundress with brogues.

Chambray Trench

Now: With over-the-knee boots and a lady bag.

Later: With a button-up shirt and silk shorts.

Printed Opera Coat

Now: A ribbed knit and dark-denim flares.

Later: Over a white slip.

Frayed Denim Jacket

Now: Buttoned under a boyfriend coat.

Later: Over a printed maxidress.

Flak Jacket

Now: With riding boots and high-waisted jeans.

Later: Over a crochet minidress.