This TikToker Turns Bedsheets & Old Jeans Into Bucket Hats

I’m mesmerized.

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Model wearing Isabel Marant bucket hat.

TikTok is an oasis for anyone who loves to DIY. You can get lost for hours by watching before-and-after kitchen renovations or someone dyeing their clothes with turmeric. The social media platform has become a valuable source in providing fashion information and inspiration. If you’re ready to become completely mesmerized by yet another user, continue ahead. TikTok account Vintage Stock Reserve upcycles old items (think jean jackets and bedsheets) into brand new bucket hats and the videos are going viral. The bio for the account simply states, “Just two friends with a dream to be better.” The friends, Jordan Christopher and Tommy Foreign, have already accumulated over 1.9 million followers and 43.7 million likes on TikTok.

Their videos usually feature them cutting up various vintage finds such as sweaters, denim, and the aforementioned bed sheets to be then repurposed into new items. They’ve made face masks, hoodies, custom tops, and, of course, the popular bucket hat using non-traditional materials. (The duo even turned a Ralph Lauren bathing suit into a bucket hat — genius.) Christopher and Foreign are part of a community of content creators that strive to promote sustainability in fashion. Their videos inspire followers to give old materials and items a new life. If you’re curious about their bucket hat upcycling process, watch some of their most mesmerizing TikTok videos, below. Then, if you love the pair’s creative creations, you can shop a small selection of products via their website.

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Shorts Turned Bucket Hat

Remember when you turned old jeans into distressed shorts? Take it up a notch by making them into bucket hats.

‘90s Mickey Mouse Bed Sheet Turned Bucket Hat

It’s time to get out your old childhood bed sheets and repurpose them into a vintage hat.

Graphic T-Shirts Turned Bucket Hat

If you don’t wear your graphic T-shirts anymore, you can easily turn them into something trendy and new.

Retired Bathing Suits Turned Bucket Hat

How many bathing suits have you grown out of and ended up discarding? Before you toss them out, think of the bucket hat possibilities.

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