The Surprising Trick For Looking Like A Swimsuit Model

Sure, everyone dreams of looking like a sun-kissed swimsuit model when they hit the beach, but the reality is not all of us can get away with an itsy-bitsy triangle bikini (especially if you plan on doing anything other than lying very, very still). So when Maxim (yup, THAT Maxim) debuted its new swimwear collection—co-designed by Editor-in-Chief Kate Lanphear—we were seriously surprised. Why? Because rather than encouraging the less-is-too-much approach typical of the men’s magazine, the super-chic line featured sophisticated one-pieces, adorable retro-cut bikinis and other silhouettes that are flattering for those of us not blessed with Gisele’s physique. Maxim has never shied away from being bold, but this new line is truly shocking—in a good way.

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Photo: @maximmag

The Cut-Out One-Piece Swimsuits

The Retro Bikinis

The Plunging One-Pieces