Coffee Table Catch: The Shoe Book

While putting your shoes up on the coffee table may be frowned upon, we’ll make an exception when it comes to The Shoe Book. Weighing in at 360 pages, which are filled with incredible illustrations and images galore, the new release from Assouline by Nancy MacDonnell is a must-own for any footwear fanatic.

A celebration of standout soles throughout history, this volume references heels from the 18th century through today, calling upon contributions from the legendary likes of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Sarah Jessica Parker along the way. Readers take caution, though: a journey through the pages of this thorough tome may leave you suddenly aware of the gaps in your own closet. That is, don’t blame us if you find yourself running to Barneys after you read it!

Photo: Assouline, courtesy

Availability: The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonnell ($50, pre-order)