The Rolling Stones’ Style Evolution


When The Rolling Stones announced their upcoming North American tour, two things came to mind: One, we must get tickets ASAP (on sale April 13th) and two, what will the fabulous foursome wear onstage? Forever inspired by the iconic rock stars’ signature style throughout the decades, we take a look back on their sartorial evolution and share what we hope to see them in while rocking out across the country later this year.

1964: The Group Releases Their Debut Album

Ah, the early years—Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, the late Brian Jones (1942-1969), Keith Richards and Charlie Watts pose in all their youthful glory, sporting proper button-downs and schoolboy haircuts.

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1965: The Group Records Their First International Number 1 Single, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

Still in their two-piece suits, Brian, Charlie, Mick, Keith and Bill are seen with a more cohesive group look and slightly shaggier hair.

1967: The Group Completes A Famously Tumultuous European Tour

As the group continues to blow up, the boys begin to individually express a sense of personal style by incorporating color, texture and accessories into their looks.

1971: "Sticky Fingers" Is Released, The Group Embarks On Their Farewell Tour Of Great Britain

Notorious for their musical synergy, Keith and Mick (affectionately referred to as The Glimmer Twins) flaunted their dynamic partnership, often complementing one another onstage with theatrical getups. Partial to velvet, sequins and crop tops, nothing was too flamboyant for these two.

1975: Ronnie Wood Joins The Group

Ronnie Wood, Mick and Keith (performing here with Billy Preston in San Antonio) were no strangers to silky fabrics, deep V-necks and pajama stripes.

1982: The Band Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

True to '80s style, the band rocked neon colors, high-top sneakers and tank tops galore.

1997: The Band Travels The World On "Bridges to Babylon" Tour

Cool outerwear is the name of the game—Ronnie, Keith and Mick were partial to longline blazers and jackets (plus cool sunnies) for onstage garb, seen here in Chicago, IL.

2014: Still Rocking For The "14 On Fire" Tour

Decades later and still jamming just as hard as the day they started—the guys keep their cool rocker style intact with leather jackets and vests, embellished blazers and skinny pants.

What We Hope Mick Will Wear In 2015

The front man deserves to rock head-to-toe Saint Laurent from Hedi Slimane's "Psych Rock" Spring 2015 collection.

What We Hope Keith Will Wear In 2015

To switch up his signature Rasta-inspired head scarf, we'd love to see Keith sport a two-toned fedora teamed with a leopard-print blazer.

What We Hope Ronnie Will Wear In 2015

A true rocker through and through, Ronnie's onstage ethos is a perfect match for a badass Balenciaga leather jacket and moto-detail skinny jeans.

What We Hope Charlie Will Wear In 2015

As Charlie generally sticks to solid-colored tees while drumming, we'd love to see him switch up his look in favor of a cool, graphic-printed version of his go-to.