Stylish Boots & Jeans Combos That’ll Level Up Your Style

They give the classic pairing a new feel.

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Boots and jeans are a sartorial match made in heaven. Like peanut butter and jelly or a good book and a glass of red wine, they’re a flawless pairing. Ahead, find stylish boots and jeans combos you’ll want to save for infallible outfit ideas.

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Make like this Paris Fashion Week show-goer, and set off crisp cream and white separates with black platform boots. Then push the color scheme further with a matching noir handbag.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment
The odds are you still have a pair of skinny jeans sitting in your closet. Breath new life into the sleek bottoms — which are poised for a comeback, by the way — by coupling them with edgy, lace-up combat boots.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Few combinations have the It girl factor of ivory jeans and coordinating boots. If you’re feeling controversial, consider slipping into a pair of white Tabis — they’re infamously “ugly” yet undeniably cool.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
In case you’re unaware, you’re currently living in the era of the party pant. Style a pair of intricate jeans with simple and unchallenging booties for a casual, daytime look that taps into fashion’s widespread celebratory spirit right now.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Lean into a cool preppy spirit à la Princess Diana and wear medium-wash jeans with a pair of riding boots. Level up the classic combo with a plaid blazer and a baseball cap. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Lean into a grunge vibe by styling dark and baggy jeans with a pair of chunky platform stompers. For bonus points, add in two different animal prints for a bold look. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Level up your shoe game by snagging a pair of boots in a flashy animal print. Then, slip into a pair of jeans and tuck your pants into the graphic shoes for a sure-fire statement combination.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Unsure of how to style a pair of cowboy boots? Try a matchy-matchy jean outfit. It serves as an homage to the Americana origin of the shoe, and co-ords are incredibly on trend at the moment.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
Similar to the effect of parted curtains on a stage, split-hem jeans set a scene where your boots are visible and can be the star of your ensemble. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
ICYMI: Colorful jeans have been crowned as one of 2022’s leading trends. Join in on the denim fun by teaming an eclectic pair of jeans with trusty black Dr. Martens.Melodie Jeng/Getty Images
Push yourself out of your sartorial comfort zone and try wearing a vivid dress atop a pair of bootcut jeans. Now finish the inspired outfit with your favorite ankle booties in a minimal color.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
If you want to guarantee your boots are visible and won’t hide beneath your pant legs, there’s a simple fix — either opt for a pair of cuffed jeans or roll the hems up yourself.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
There’s no denying it; UGG boots have made their comeback. Wear them like a fashion girl, and style a refined black pair with dark-wash denim.Christian Vierig/Getty Images
A vibrant, knee-high boot is a bright spot in a sea of brown, black, and beige winter footwear. Tuck your jeans into the colorful statement shoe to ensure you tap into their full dramatic potential.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

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