13 Ways Princess Diana Incorporated Pink Into Her Outfits

She really loved the color.

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Princess Diana was both brilliantly glamorous and surprisingly relatable. Her knack for wearing pink, in specific, was well-documented by the press, and sartorially showed the humanity that would define her legacy. See Princess Diana’s iconic pink outfits, ahead.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Monochrome Pastel Outfit

On the April 1983 tour of Australia (a page in history that underwent The Crown treatment), 22-year-old Diana’s all-pink outfits were visual sweeteners.Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

A Floral Dress

On the same trip, she wore a pink-and-blue floral dress with a coordinated hat.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Watermelon Power Suit

While pink was Diana’s favorite, there may have been another, politically contrived reason that she wore the color. “As a power-adjacent woman, [it can seem necessary] to play up your femininity,” fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen tells TZR.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Maternity-Friendly Shirtdress

Over the years, the late princess’ favorite color coded moments of personal joy, steadfastness, and self-growth. One such example was this viral maternity look, a Pepto-Bismol pink dress that she donned while pregnant with Prince Harry.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Pink & Red Outfit

In Dubai, she wore a pink and red suit dress with a matching hat by British designer Catherine Walker.David Levenson/Getty Images

A Printed Gown

She even found subtle ways to keep the color in her rotation. Such was the case at the 1989 premiere of When The Whales Came in London, where she wore a strapless dress of blue florals over a pastel pink base.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Checkered Pink Suit

From a psychological perspective, prints — even the pink-hued variety — can have cheeky undertones or suggest a scattered psyche, Karen says. “[They] may have a lot to express but not be in a position to do so. Patterns allow them to speak [sartorially.]”Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Weekend Momwear

In 1986, she was pictured with her family at Highgrove House in rosy gingham trousers and a coordinated sweater.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Hot Pink Power Suit

At a time when the power suit reigned supreme, Di may have sought to offset its boldness by wearing the set in a feminine hue. Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

A Rose-Colored Set

Throughout those same years, Diana pressed on as rumors of marital troubles brewed, possibly wearing her favorite color as a feel-good tactic — an act that Karen refers to as “dopamine dressing.”Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Cerise Ski Outfit

The avid skier was seen more than once wearing this dark-hued suit in the 1980s. Here, she paired it with a braided headband and coordinated earrings.David Levenson/Getty Images

A ’60s-Inspired Suit

Remember the Gianni Versace double-breasted, cap-sleeve skirt suit? She wore it in the spring of 1995, and to this day, the look remains a sublime vision.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

A Pastel Power Suit

In later official appearances, like here in early 1997, day-to-evening suiting and mini dresses in lighter hues mostly replaced her rich-pink gowns.Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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