Styling Hacks In Miniature (For Your Next Trip)

Ever unpacked at a destination only to find your shampoo exploded on your jewelry, your evening dress is mildly transparent and the hem of your white culottes has come unraveled? Sadly wardrobe mishaps have a way of inviting themselves on vacation. We tapped the professionals at Rachel Zoe Studio to break down exactly what you need to have on hand to right these pesky wrongs—all in travel sizes, because no one wants to sacrifice accessory space in their suitcase.

Lint Remover

So you packed your black cardigan (a go-to for evening layering) next to your beach towel. You'll need a lint remover for that.

Mini Steamer

Relying on shower steam to un-wrinkle your bridesmaid dress is a rookie move. Make sure to travel with a mini steamer to look polished, particularly if you're headed to a wedding.

Blister Prevention

No one wants to go sightseeing with blisters. Or worse, with a friend who constantly complains about blisters.

Assorted Safety Pins

Every stylist's secret weapon. Use these safety pins to tighten a strap, cinch a waistband and fix a zipper.

Laundry Bags

Keep your laundry separate from your clothing in these light laundry bags.

Stain Remover

So you tried the local cuisine but things went awry. Make sure that stain doesn't remind you of your poor chopstick skills for the rest of your life by washing it away as soon as you get back to your room.

Nipple Covers

Just because there is a strong ocean breeze does not mean people want to see your nipples at dinner. Please, conceal yourself.

Pre-Threaded Needles

An instant fix for missing buttons.

Double Stick Tape

Sure, we all know this skin superglue can hold a plunging gown in place, but it also comes in handy for re-attaching fallen hemlines.

Jewelry Wipes

Remove sunscreen, shampoo or grime from your baubles with these handy wipes.

Travel Case

Keep your magic kit in a mini travel case or clear zippered tote for easy access.