6 Foolproof Work Outfits That’ll Get You Through The Hottest Days Of Summer

Dressing for the office during the hottest days of summer is no small feat. Depending on where you live, you might even feel as though you’ve already ruined your carefully selected outfit before you even grab your morning coffee. Hot cars, crowded subways and long walks through the stifling heat can certainly do that to a girl, no matter how chic you looked and felt when you first slipped into that silk dress and heels.

While you’re otherwise the picture of elegant perfection, we want to keep that sartorial vibe going strong, even through the next few months that are sure to be full of heatwaves. In fact, we’ve amassed quite a collection of summertime uniforms, so-to-speak, when it comes to those days that we simply don’t know what to put together. From jeans and silk blouses for more casual afternoons to a midi skirt, T-shirt, and block heels for those days you’re starting off your morning with a big presentation or meeting, here are our six favorite go-tos when it comes to getting dressed for work on the hottest days of summer. And, what’s more: with the simple addition of a blazer or leather jacket, these chic looks might even take you into fall and beyond (because, yes, we’re always planning that far in advance in our fashion-focused brains!)


Take The Heat