What To Wear When It’s Raining

While winter’s freezing temps leave us with the challenge of layering each morning, it is arguable that compiling an ensemble to brave rainy days is more difficult. Whether it’s a drizzle or a torrential storm (aka El Niño as Angelenos have recently become familiar with), getting wet can really dampen your style. However, by strategically combining water-friendly shoes and protective outerwear with pieces you love, there are ways to still look fabulous despite a downpour. Here, 3 rain-proof outfits that promise to keep you dry and chic.

Adam Katz Sinding

Rain's Got Nothing On Us

Going To The Office

A classic waterproof trench is a no brainer when keeping your clothes dry. Opt for a roomy, work-appropriate bag that you can sling over and keep close to your body under the coat. Pair with edgy snakeskin-print boots with coating that make trudging through wet streets less cumbersome.

Over The Weekend

Don't let Saturday afternoons go to waste. Stay cozy and dry outside in a super comfortable ensemble of sweater and cuffed jeans, topped with a raincoat rendered in the cutest pink color (beneficial for your safety when crossing the street!) Protect your feet with buckled rubber booties.

For A Night Out

Some pitter-patter on the windowsill shouldn't lead to canceled plans. Simply layer a fitted long-sleeve sweater underneath your party dress and protect your ready-to-dine-and-dance number with a long belted coat. Opt for patent leather pumps that are easier to clean and finish off with a blingy gold metallic cross-body.