How To Make Wide-Leg Trousers Super Versatile

We can guarantee one of the most common thoughts that races through every woman’s mind is—what the heck do I wear? We often find ourselves blankly staring at our closets trying to compile an outfit (that doesn’t involve jeans and a tee) we’re excited about. That’s why we’re lending inspiration via weekly ideas on stylish ensembles to help step up your sartorial game.

This week, we’re looking at black wide-leg trousers—a staple every woman should own. Perfect for both work and evening, the full-length pant never fails to appear polished and pairs nicely with an array of pieces from blouses to knits. Score our advice on fresh ways to wear the essential ahead.

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How To Style Wide-Leg Trousers

A blazer and wide-leg trouser combo is always a professional one, but we suggest choosing a fashionable velvet style instead. Keep it cool with a graphic tee underneath. Accessorize with mules and hoop earrings.

Tuck in a frilly striped blouse and wear the pants with platform sandals to elongate your frame.

The cardigan is back. Reach for a metallic ruffle-sleeve design, and finish off the look with strappy heels and edgy safety-pin earrings.