What To Wear To A Polo Match

This Sunday, a herd of ponies and their super-hunky riders will descend on the Hamptons for the 4th annual Piaget Hamptons Polo Cup. The sport of kings has long been synonymous with NYC’s most glam outpost but also takes place at multiple locations around the country. Whether you are watching the game in New York or making a day of it elsewhere, you’d better step your style game up. Below, our top picks to put your polo fashion on point.

At any polo event (especially in the Hamptons), fashionistas divide into 2 camps: daytime chic and just-rolled-out-of-the-barn. If you count yourself among the horsey set and can honestly vouch for those worn-in riding boots, why not add jodhpurs and a polo shirt to match? If, on the other hand, your closest encounter with a pony was at a 1st grade birthday party, err on the irreverent side with a subtle equestrian look, a sparkling white ensemble or bold florals to avoid any urban cowgirl accusations.

Photo: Getty Images