The 3 Wardrobe Essentials Of A Celebrity Stylist

by Coveteur

When you’re a celebrity stylist, your job is to make other people look good. But Chloé Bartoli—who styles celebrities like Sofia Richie, Jared Leto and Miranda Kerr—not only makes sure her clientele stand out in the crowd, but she also has amazing style herself. Chloé manages to execute a cool and effortless look with an air of mystique … all while maintaining an incredibly sought-after job title.

While going through her closet, we realized we wanted everything she owned, and soon came up with a system for how to pull off the aforementioned cool, effortless and somewhat mysterious look of a celebrity stylist. We’ve boiled it down to three essential items—here’s everything you need to have people wondering if you’re paid to be really, really ridiculously stylish.

AWL (Always Wear Leather)

When you’re a stylist, it seems that a large leather collection is part of the job description. Maybe it’s because a leather jacket just looks good with anything and everything. It’s the quintessential layering piece, so when in doubt, throw it on for instant cool always.

Sunglasses = Mystery

Chloé can always be spotted in a pair of incredible shades. Like a good leather jacket, a great pair of sunglasses can transform a uniform of jeans and T-shirt into an enviable outfit. Some may say shoes make or break an outfit (and we do love shoes…) but recently, and especially in the summer, the accessory we cannot get enough of is sunglasses. Plus, they give off an undeniable air of mysterious cool.

Keep It Simple With Tees And Tops

A stylist’s job isn’t just about making their celebrity clients look good, but also making them look like they didn’t try at all. Effortlessness is that elusive style attribute everyone wants. It’s also really what’s behind the whole obsession with French girls—they never seem to try! Chloé absolutely knows a thing or two about looking innately stylish, and it may have to do with her stash of simple tees and tops. That, and the fact that she speaks fluent French.For the full article, visit Coveteur.