Build Your Blazer

by The Zoe Report

It’s hard to imagine a more necessary fashion staple than a perfectly tailored, classic-cut blazer. But have you ever wished you could tweak that one little detail: Change the buttons? Add a fun, colorful lining? Well, thanks to The Tailor Shop by Alex & Eli, your dream blazer just became a reality.

Since discovering this insanely cool service—special thanks to the Man Repeller for introducing us!—we’ve all been going crazy here at Team Zoe picking and choosing details to tailor the perfect blazer via Alex & Eli’s online customizing factory. The first step in this creative process is to pick your blazer of choice. Our favorite styles are the “Weekender” which features a relaxed cut perfect for Sunday brunch or a weekend in the Hamptons, and the “Vixen” who pairs dangerously well with a slinky cocktail dress. After you choose your ideal style, pick your buttons, lining color and size and—voilà!—a fantasy piece brought to life. But the real icing on the cake is that the website gives you the option to ask for something special embroidered on the inside of your luxury wool blazer, like a loved one’s initials, a fun nickname or a special quote. Could there be a more fabulous holiday gift? We think not!

Availability: The Tailor Shop by Alex & Eli ($315-$385). For additional information, visit Alexandeli.com.

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